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I want to change the units of the plan I imported. How do I do that? 📐
Nothing is simpler! Head to the main menu and choose Preferences > Units.
I cannot find the furniture I need in Rayon’s libraries. How can I get other types of furniture? 🪑
Don't worry. We got you covered!
Rayon has built an entire repository of more than 1400 furniture blocks called 'Kits' that can be found right here. Any furniture or collection of furniture can be downloaded from the website and uploaded to Rayon to be used!
My imported DWG is not at the right scale. What can I do? 📐
An imported plan can sometimes be out of scale. This is often caused by a mismatch between the units of the original DWG file and Rayon’s unit system.
For instance, one can be in millimeters and the other in meters. It is, therefore, just a matter of applying an x1000 factor or x0.0001 to set the drawing back to its original size.
To restore the right scale, simply use the Scale tool. Here is a tutorial about doing just that!
Can Rayon be used offline? 🌐
Not at the moment. 😢
I imported an image of a plan. How can I set it to the right scale? 📐
Well, lucky you, we have a tutorial on this topic right here!
Can I share styles across my drawings? 🖋️
You can use templates to that effect. Templates allow you to publish models, and the styles they contain so that others can use them.
Can I export a PDF/DWG/PNG with Rayon? ➡️
Please have a look at the Export page to learn more about it!
Which formats can I import into Rayon? ⬅️
PDF, DWG, DXF, and images (JPG and PNG) can be imported into Rayon.
There are a few limitations on file sizes; check out our Import page for more details.
Can I copy from one model to another?
Yes, absolutely! Simply use the Copy as Export option. You will find it in the right-click (or by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C)...then simply paste in the destination model.
Is Rayon a 3D software?
No, Rayon is a 2D drawing tool only.
Where can I find doors in Rayon?
Doors can be found in the block library. More about block libraries here.

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