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What are styles and how to apply them 🎨

When designing a layout, you certainly expect to produce esthetic drawings: Colors, line weights, font, text size, patterns, and dashing of geometry all establish your design's final outlook.

All these elements can be controlled in Rayon using the style properties on the right sidebar!

The Basics of Style

In Rayon, a style is an aspect you give to a raw element (a text box, a line, a surface, etc.). A style can be assigned to:

  • Annotations

  • Shapes

  • Text

Styles are shared across elements presented on the canvas, allowing you to edit how elements look. Here are a few things you can do with styles…

Creating or Editing a Style

  • You can create new customized styles for any element. Click on the element and go to the style edition panel; there, you can assign a:

  • Color and Opacity level

  • Line width and style

  • Fill type (solid, texture, hatch, or image)

  • And more!

  • To edit an existing style, click on it and hover over its name in the edition panel. Then, click on the Edit (E) button that will appear: Now, the changes you make will be applied to all objects carrying this style on the canvas.

Assigning an Existing Style

  • Assign an existing style to any element by clicking the element and going to the style editing panel in the right sidebar.

  • Then, click on the drop-down button to get the list of existing styles or choose the Style Picker (I) to quickly assign a style you see on the canvas!

Browsing Styles

All styles are available in the style panel in the upper-left corner. There you can:

  • Find and manage all styles

  • Edit any given style

  • Create new styles by clicking on +

The Active Style

  • Each time you use a command, a style is activated; It is the style that will be given to the things you draw.

  • To choose or edit the style, click on the command you wish to use; the active style icon will appear at the bottom right of the action toolbar.

Using Patterns

  • There are four types of fill options for any given shape:

  • Solid color

  • Texture

  • Hatch

  • Custom image

  • To add a fill to a shape, click on it and go to the style edition panel; Then click on the fill + button, and choose the type of fill you want. Above, you will see how to do just that!

Pattern Offset and Rotation by Individual Zone

  • For the patterns fill, the same style can be controlled independently to set the offset and rotation!

  • To do so, click on the + button in the right sidebar. Then, use the blue dot to rotate and offset the pattern.

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