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Everything about designing a living room layout

A well-designed living room means a versatile space with a welcoming atmosphere. The living room is a central gathering spot used for many purposes, such as entertaining guests, watching movies, playing games, or simply relaxing.

Planning a living room layout requires attention to the furniture placement and capacity, the circulation between pieces, and, of course, their style. By carefully curating and positioning the sofa, armchairs, coffee table, carpet, and more in a given space - you can get a great result!
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  • Armchair Dimensions
  • Sofa Dimensions
  • L-Shaped Sofa Dimensions
  • Coffee Table Dimensions
  • TV Unit Dimensions
  • Carpet Dimensions

Armchair Dimensions

Armchairs are comfortable, padded chairs designed with armrests and a high backrest, providing a cozy and supportive seating option. A compact armchair size is 55x65 cm, and a large armchair would be 90x85.

Sofa Dimensions

Sofas are large, upholstered seating furniture with multiple cushions and a backrest, often designed to accommodate several people for comfortable lounging or seating. A 2-3 seater sofa size is 80x250 cm, and a 4-5 seater sofa size would be 85x370 cm.

L Shaped Sofa Dimensions

L-shaped sofas feature a distinct L-shaped configuration, typically consisting of a longer section and a shorter one, allowing for versatile placement and maximizing seating capacity. Compact dimensions for this sofa type would be 150x240 c, and a generous size would be around 320x300 cm.

Coffee Table Dimensions

Coffee tables are low furniture pieces placed in front of sofas or chairs, serving as a convenient surface for placing drinks, books, and other items, with average dimensions ranging from 70-120~ centimeters in length or width.

TV Unit Dimensions

Living room TV units, also known as entertainment centers or media consoles, are furniture pieces designed to house televisions and related electronic equipment, typically featuring shelves, cabinets, and drawers for storage, with average dimensions ranging from 90 to 160 centimeters in width and 40 to 50 centimeters in depth.

Carpet Dimensions

Living room carpets, also known as area rugs, are large, decorative floor coverings designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal and comfort of the space, with average dimensions ranging from approximately 160 centimeters by 220 centimeters to 200 centimeters by 300 centimeters, or larger depending on the size of the room.
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  • Seating Circulation
  • Distance Between TV to Seating
  • Area Defining Carpet

Seating Circulation

When planning seating circulation in a living room floor plan, prioritize clear pathways and ample space around furniture for easy movement. Clearance between the seating & coffee table should be between 40 cm and 50-60 cm. Circulation between and around seating units and the coffee table should be 75 cm or up to 120~ cm. Consider the natural flow of foot traffic and position seating accordingly, balancing access and conversation.

Distance Between TV to Seating

When calculating the distance between the TV and the seating in a living room, there are a few things to consider; First, aim for a viewing distance that is approximately 1.2 times the diagonal screen size of the TV. Second, take into account the room size and layout, adjusting the distance to provide a comfortable viewing experience from every spot. Lastly, ensure that the TV is placed at a height where the center of the screen is at eye level when seated, which means approx 150 cm.

Area Defining Carpet

Carpets can help anchor furniture in a living room, adding a sense of coziness and structure. By placing a carpet under a specific group of furniture, such as a seating arrangement or another function in the living room, you can visually demarcate and create distinct zones within the larger space.
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  • U-Shaped Living Room
  • Parallel Layout Living Room
  • Focal Point Living Room
  • Circular Living Room

U Shaped Living Room

The U-shaped living room layout arranges furniture in a U-shape configuration, creating a comfortable and intimate space for conversation and relaxation, making it ideal for larger living rooms where you want to create a cozy gathering area or for smaller spaces that are cozy by nature.

Parallel Layout Living Room

This type of layout involves placing two sofas or loveseats facing each other on opposite walls, with a coffee table in between. It promotes balance and is particularly effective in creating a symmetrical look that can be applied in larger living rooms.

Focal Point Living Room

A Focal Point Living Room is designed around a central point of interest, such as a fireplace, a large window with a nice view, a piece of artwork, or a television. Furniture is strategically arranged to address this element and placed at an appropriate distance from it.

Circular Living Room

A circular living room embraces a design concept where furniture is arranged in a circular or semi-circular formation, creating a harmonious and inclusive atmosphere that encourages social interaction, fosters a sense of togetherness, and maximizes the utilization of space.
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