The Lazy Designer Guide

Helping you find all the info you need when designing a floor plan layout 😉🪑
Have you ever been drawing a floor plan layout and missing the dimension of an object or been not sure about the size of a circulation zone?
Next thing you know, you’re looking for these dimensions online, but all you’re finding are what seem to be spaceship manuals?… 😅 Don’t worry; we’ve got your back!
Rayon’s belief is that space design should be accessible: That's why we made this super simple layout guide, including useful dimensions, rules of thumb, and layout examples! 🙌📐
Choose a room typology and get the info you're looking for in a snap 🫰
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🎬 Want a hands-on explanation? Here is a tutorial you may find helpful!

Let us know if you need more info! 📏

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